Serbia to introduce "total ban on smoking in public places"

Serbia will next year enact new legislation to ban on smoking in all enclosed public places, a Belgrade-based daily is reporting.

Source: Blic

According to Blic, this will be done through amendments to the Law on Protection of the Population from Exposure to Tobacco Smoke, and will also apply to all restaurants, bars, and cafes.

Customers will be able to smoke only in open summer gardens, according to the article, which adds that "smokers will no longer be able to use even the special ventilated rooms that now exist in many cafes in shopping malls."

The current law allows smoking in bars, restaurants and cafes larger than 80 sq meters where owners are able to set aside at least 50 percent of the space for smokers.

A Health Ministry official heading an expert commission for prevention of smoking, Srmena Krstev, said the new legislation will mean a total ban in all working and public places, and make only "small concession" in psychiatric hospitals, social protection facilities and prisons, where smoking will be allowed in designated rooms, but only to patients and inmates.

In 2016 Serbia will also ban production of menthol-flavored "slim cigarettes" and introduce "stricter control" of electronic cigarettes.


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