The first threat of a lawsuit against "Pfizer"

Bosnia-Herzegovina received new conditions for the delivery of vaccines through COVAX program, and this country is required to negotiate directly with Pfizer.

Source: Tanjug
Tanjug/AP Photo/Virginia Mayo
Tanjug/AP Photo/Virginia Mayo

However, Sarajevo responds that in the absence of the announced deliveries, Bosnia-Herzegovina could seek justice in court.

Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a contract with COVAX in September 2020 for the purchase of 153.600 doses of AstraZeneca and 23.000 doses of Pfizer, and Bosnia-Herzegovina paid more than 10.5 million dollars for that purpose, the Radio Free Europe website reported.

Assistant Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia-Herzegovina in the health sector, Dušan Kojić, says that "new conditions are constantly coming before BiH", i.e. that a meeting on the demands of the Pfizer company will be held on Friday.

RFE did not receive a comment from the Pfizer's representative office in Bosnia-Herzegovina about the new conditions in question, which are mentioned in the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

It was confirmed, though, that the representatives of this pharmaceutical company will come to the meeting on February 26.

Due to the delay of the COVAX system, the countries of the European Union have created a mechanism for the procurement of vaccines, independent of COVAX.

The European Commission has established a mechanism for sharing vaccines, which includes the Western Balkans, and 70 million euros have been set aside for this support.

Through this mechanism, Bosnia-Herzegovina has ordered an additional 892.000 doses of Pfizer and Moderna Vaccine, however, no vaccine has yet arrived through the EU mechanism.


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