"I'm speechless..." PHOTO / VIDEO

When she sent an appeal for help to her patients on Facebook, Martina Šušić from the laboratory of the Ugljan Psychiatric Hospital had no idea what would happen

Source: Jutarnji list
EPA-EFE/ Antonio Bat
EPA-EFE/ Antonio Bat

Namely, according to the Croatian portal Zadarski.hr, Šušić asked for help in the form of clothes and shoes two weeks ago, and yesterday at 4.30 pm a long line of people poured in to block traffic as they brought tons of things in bags and boxes of various sizes.

According to Jutarnji list, Martina was there, standing and crying.

"I cannot find words to express what I feel... I knew that a lot of people would come because my appeal on Facebook and the article in the media touched people, but this... This is something amazing... The director also called me and said: 'Baby, you blocked traffic", she told reporters.

She said that she herself cannot believe how much people are ready to set aside in such difficult times. "This only showed how much empathy we have and how we as a nation are really there for each other when we need it most," she added.

People who brought help made videos, took pictures, called friends in disbelief and spontaneously laughed, proud of themselves, of others... Martina and Matija, young students were collecting help on the island of Ugljan, in Sutomišćica and also started an avalanche of goodness both in the city and in the whole country, but also from abroad. Help came to these girls from Austria, Germany, Switzerland...

Unfortunately, in addition to the lack of funds that the hospital has been struggling with for years, in the last seven days, coronavirus has entered the Ugljan Psychiatric Hospital.

However, as Martina says, that hospital was the last to "fall" and for now, thanks to the great efforts of all employees, everything is functioning.

If there is a surplus of clothes and shoes that they received, as she explained, in agreement with the hospital and other institutions in the County, the one who needs help the most will be found and offered assistance.


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