"Balkan prostitution boss" killed with shot to head

Dilaver Bojku aka Leku, a controversial local businessman, previously known as "the Balkan prostitution boss," has been killed in the Macedonian town of Struga.

Source: Beta

Bojku was was shot to the head at around 17:00 hours CET on Monday on a Lake Ohrid beach that he held a concession for, in front of beachgoers.

Bojku was taken to the hospital in Struga, where he was declared dead.

The police are yet to announce any details, but "a police team is being set up that will be receiving instructions from the investigating prosecutor," TV Telma reported.

Bojku became known for his criminal activity 15 years ago, when he was sentenced to three years and eight months in prison for "dealing in prostitution," Beta reported. At the time he fled Macedonia, but was later extradited from Montenegro.

In recent years, he was involved in "tourism and the hospitality industry."


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