"Unprepared to face the outcome, Vučić and Kurti are in favor of the 'status quo'

Political expert Bekim Çolaku pointed out that Albin Kurti and Aleksandar Vučić are in favor of maintaining the "status quo".

Source: Kosovo online
Ilustracija: Profimedia
Ilustracija: Profimedia

According to him, it is an indicator of their unwillingness to face the final outcome of the dialogue.

"Unfortunately, at least in the short term, there is no real possibility of reaching a final legally binding agreement on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia. Based on the current dynamics of dialogue and the lack of results from two rounds of meetings, Prime Minister Kurti and President Vucic are maintaining the existing status quo", Çolaku told Kosovo Online.

The Brussels talks are being used as a kind of means to collect political points ahead of the upcoming elections in Kosovo and Serbia, adds Çolaku, who was a political adviser to former Kosovo President Hashim Thaci.

"By their formal participation in the dialogue process, they satisfy the EU, while in their countries they continue with populist attitudes. In addition, the status quo is favored and coincides with the election calendar in Kosovo and Serbia," Çolaku said.

According to his assessment, the European Union does not show much interest in reaching a final agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, but the continuation of the dialogue process is a success.

Even the EU, as a mediator, is not ready to put any pressure on the other side, nor to provide any support at this stage. Therefore, the main success for this year can be attributed to the resumption of the dialogue 'per se' (in itself), but nothing more than that", Çolaku concludes.


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