"I've highly appreciated Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. However, he is a big liar"

Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama says that thanks to former Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj, Kosovo still has not achieved visa liberalization.

Source: Kosovo online

According to the writing of Pristina based "Gazeta Express", as Kosovo online reports, Rama stated for "Pressing" TV show, aired on T7, that he had advised Haradinaj to suspend the 100 percent tariffs on Serbian products, after French President Emmanuel Macron promised visa liberalization to Kosovo citizens.

"You would not have had a visa regime now if Haradinaj had suspended the taxes ... But he does not understand it. They would have been without a visa for over a year now," the Albanian Prime Minister said.

According to him, Haradinaj did all this because of the votes. "Ramush sacrificed Kosovo for his votes. However, he did not win elections," Rama said, adding that because of Haradinaj, "Kosovo has lost its international reputation."

Referring to Haradinaj's statement that he did not take Rana as a point of reference on major topics, Rama emphasized that he did not even classify him as a person who counts as a reference for major topics at all.

"What had Ramush Haradinaj done for Kosovo's sake - excluding imposing fees? I highly respected Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj. However, he proved to be such a big liar when appearing in public. He addressed the public by lying in the most scandalous way, saying that I allegedly pressured him to suspend the tax. He made the most harmful decision for Kosovo", Rama underlined.

According to him, Haradinaj is a folklore politician.

"I sued him in Kosovo, not in front of the Tribunal. What do I get from Kosovo? I get nothing, not even in election-wise, but I have to talk about Kosovo because I have an obligation to do so. Because Kosovo interests me. Whether you want to or not. I get nothing either way", Rama concluded.


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