NATO committed grave crime against small country - Vucic

NATO aggression was a grave crime against a small sovereign country, but 20 years on, the Serb people remain unbowed, says Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic.

Source: Tanjug

Vucic said NATO's 1999 bombing of Serbia was a difficult and terrible time for the country, while a symbol of everything that NATO called collateral damage - was the suffering of children.

Asked about his memories of that time, the president told reporters in Belgrade:

"I could count a million things, memories would be pouring out for an hour, but what is a symbol and what shocked us all is what they called collateral damage - the killing of nine children."

As he said, we all remember Sanja from Varavarin, a top math student, and Milica Rakic, a two-year-old child from Batajnica, innocent, who had wronged nobody.

"That has remained a symbol of a terrible crime against our people," Vucic said.

He stated this at the opening of the 4th Belgrade Strategic Dialogue.

"Serbia and the Serb people are still unbowed today, but today we are in the process of a comprehensive process of state consolidation and I am convinced of a safe and successful future," Vucic emphasized.

As a small and independent country, Serbia has been under attack by many, because no one likes disobedience, and Serbia makes its own decisions, the president said.

Vucic reiterated that Serbia does not want to join NATO, does not have two different stories, "and we say the same to everyone and before everyone."

According to him, Serbia will remain on that road no matter how many attempts there are to derail it.

He pointed out that UN Security Council Resolution 1244 is not respected today and that it does not apply in the field.

Vucic said this was the case because some countries recognized Kosovo - and said that if it no longer applies - "they should try to cancel it in the UN."

He thanked Russia for supporting the Serb people 20 years ago, as it does now, and pointed out that the Serbs are loyal to everyone who helped us in difficult times.

Vucic pointed out that we should not be ashamed of condemning the NATO aggression as others had in Serbia had been, who only worried about their jobs.

For me, the truth is the priority, added Vucic.

The 4th International Conference the Belgrade Strategic Dialogue, titled "20 years since the bombing of Yugoslavia - lessons for European security in the 21st century" is being held in Belgrade on Monday.


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