Haradinaj: Kosovo is champion; Djuric: More like black hole

Prime Minister of the Pristina provisional institutions Ramush Haradinaj claims that Kosovo can boast of respecting human rights of each community.

Source: Tanjug

Also, Haradinaj said, Kosovo has a tendency to be "a real champion" in their protection and promotion.

Shortly afterwards, Serbian Office for Kosovo and Metohija Director Marko Djuric reacted, saying that on International Human Rights Day, the so-called Kosovo is a "black hole" where basic human rights of Serbs, (ethnic) Albanians and other communities in the field of economy, politics, free flow of people, goods and capital are not in force.

"A territory where there are political prisoners, where tens of thousands of houses and apartments, and thousands of hectares of land have been unlawfully usurped, and whose representatives threaten their own citizens and nations and countries in their surroundings, will never become a part of the international community," Djuric said.

He also called on human rights activists in Serbia and around the world to raise their voice and, on Human Rights Day, say NO to further disenfranchising and oppression of Serbs, Gorani, Bosniaks, and Roma in Kosovo.


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