Vucic pleads with Germans to "hear Serbia out"

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has asked Berlin to - before making decisions about Serbia - hear what Belgrade thinks and wants.

Source: Tanjug

Vucic said this on Wednesday in Belgrade, during the cornerstone-laying ceremony for the new building of the German embassy, that was also attended by the German ambassador, and German Ministry of European Affairs envoy Christian Helbach.

The president pointed out that "the easiest thing is to look back at issues from the past when we talk about the future, but it is necessary to think about how to change the country, to think about the children, and to know that work brings best results."

Vucic said that, when Helbach speaks about the rule of law - he "could say that in many areas some EU members are at a lower level than Serbia, including the economy."

But this, he continued, "is not something to brag about, nor would it be a satisfactory level."

"We hope that the EU will leave the door open for Serbia because we want to be a part of the EU, but we also have to show determination to change ourselves and our own habits. Let's escape from conspiracy theories and themes, think about how to change the country, think about the children and know that work brings best results," he noted.

"We need to hear others out, as well as plead with others to hear us out. Before making decisions about Serbia, at least please show such respect to Serbia to want to hear out what Serbia thinks and wants, and the decision is, of course, up to you," said Vucic.


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