"Brussels and Berlin will never accept Belgrade as partner "

Oleg Bondarenko, director of the Progressive Politics Foundation, thinks EU's enlargement strategy in the Western Balkans is "a new Brussels carrot."

Source: Tanjug

"Serbia will not be able to join the EU with its existing borders, and Brussels and Berlin will never accept Belgrade as an equal partner," Bondarenko said in an interview with Belgrade daily Politika.

According to him, Germany has no power to run its own, sovereign foreign policy, "because it is under the direct influence of Washington."

This Russian expert for the Balkans believes that Belgrade should preserve peace with everyone and the current position that enables cooperation with both the European Union and Russia. He, however, thinks that the West is in a hurry to finish what it started, which could, he warns, lead to a new destabilization in Serbia and the region.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, of course, wants an agreement, Bondarenko continued - "but there is no readiness for it in Pristina."

"Albanians see themselves as the winners and are not ready for concessions, because they think they won the war for Kosovo," Bondarenko said.

The Russian expert believes that what Serbia could get under a legally binding agreement with Pristina is not only a matter for Belgrade, but also for all countries that have not recognized Kosovo, and above all for Russia, China, India and the five EU members.

"Russia is defending Kosovo because Serbia is our friend, our ally in the Balkans," Bondarenko concluded.


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