President says Serbia is under pressure "from all sides"

The Serbian president on Wednesday addressed allegations that the United States was pressuring Serbia over "the sending" of its deminers to Syria.

Source: Beta
Vucic is seen in Vlasotince in Wednesday (Tanjug)
Vucic is seen in Vlasotince in Wednesday (Tanjug)

Beta is reporting that Aleksandar Vucic said there was pressure "from the one, the other, the third side."

His comments concern media reports that said the real reason behind a recent "clash" between Serbia's defense minister and the US ambassador was the fact Serbia's deminers, trained and financially assisted by the Americans, would be sent to Syria, and work "on the Russian side."

Regarding these speculations, Vucic said that no decision has been made yet - but that he noticed that "both the ones and the others and the thirds" had already started to exert pressure, via the media.

"I have no answer... We are doing everything we can to preserve our independence. We are fighting for Serbia and Serbian interests, preserving sovereignty and making our own decisions. Is there pressure from all sides? There is - perhaps, more than ever," Vucic said while visiting the town of Vlasotince.

He then, "in a humorous tone," offered the journalist who asked this question the position of an advisor - if she were to also "propose a good answer to that question, that would solve the problem."

But, said the president - this issue "should not cause any headaches" to the citizens - as they "should not pick sides and decide whether they are with Russians, Americans, or Europeans." Instead, Serbians should "like themselves, their country and their people," Vucic said.


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