Will of people impossible to ascertain in 11 polling places

The Republic Electoral Commission (RIK) had decided to annul the results from 11 polling stations where it was "impossible to ascertain the will of the people."

Source: B92

The commission met in Belgrade on Friday "to rule on the manner in which the records of from these polling stations would be statistically processed."

"Chairperson of the Republic Electoral Commission Vladimir Dimitrijevic stated that after insight into the electoral material from 70 polling stations, the voters’ will could be ascertained from 56 of the minutes, while from 14 it was not possible," the RIK said in a statement.

It added that commission coordinators "submitted reports for each of said polling stations - and the commission ruled to accept the results of three polling stations, and annul the results of 11."

In another statement, Vladimir Dimitrijevic addressed "presidential candidate Sasa Jankovic’s false information that the legal deadline for RIK to announce the final results of the presidential election had expired."

It is my duty to deny such allegations and point out that the former ombudsman has clearly forgotten the fact that the Republic Electoral Commission has annulled the vote at eight polling stations and decided to have a repeat vote at said stations on April 11," Dimitrijevic said, and added:

"In view of this I must stress that the Republic Electoral Commission will be able to ascertain the final results of the presidential election, as required by law, and announce them only after the completion of the repeat vote at the eight polling stations on 11 April and until then, according to the law, the Republic Electoral Commission can only announce provisional results”, said the Chairperson of the Republic Electoral Commission Vladimir Dimitrijevic."

As for the preliminary result so far, the commission on Thursday announced that based on 99 percent of polling stations, i.e. 98.79 percent of the electorate processed, Aleksandar Vucic received 1,994,210 votes, or 55.07 percent.

He is followed by Sasa Jankovic (592,591 votes - 16.36 percent), Luka Maksimovic (341,268 votes - 9.42 percent), Vuk Jeremic (204,884 votes - 5.66 percent), Vojislav Seselj (162,480 votes - 4.49 percent), Bosko Obradovic (82,790 votes - 2.29 percent), Sasa Radulovic (51,235 votes - 1.41 percent), Milan Stamatovic (41,981 votes - 1.16 percent), Nenad Canak ( 40,824 votes - 1.13 percent), Aleksandar Popovic (37,783 votes - 1.04 percent), and Miroslav Parovic (11,439 votes - 0.32 percent).


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