Asylum seekers from Serbia "have zero chance in EU"

EU Delegation's deputy head Oskar Benedikt says those coming to the EU from Serbia wishing to stay there have "practically zero" chance of succeeding.

Source: Tanjug

He pointed out that such persons will be sent back to Serbia "one way or the other."

"The question is in what way the authorities in Serbia are coping with the problem of returnees and how to provide them with a dignified life," he told reporters during a break in the "Belgrade Dialogues" gathering, held at the Belgrade City Assembly.

According to Benedikt, the EU is "very focused on the problem of migration"- while this "should be viewed from two aspects: one is migration from those areas destroyed and devastated by war, while the second case is about asylum seekers from Serbia."

The EU representative "underlined that the EU supports Serbia with expertise in the area, and with funds allocated to help, with the most vulnerable group being the Roma," Tanjug has reported.

"The EU has so far set aside 11.5 million and will in the future set aside another 20 million euros for this purpose," said Benedikt.

He added he was talking about the problem of migrants returning to Serbia with "Minister Vulin, Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic, Commissioner for Refugees and Migration Vladimir Cucic."

He stressed that it is necessary to provide a decent life, focus on education, housing and employment conditions in order to solve the problem of returnees.

"We also expect the action plan in the context of Chapter 23, where we could work together, which is important for ensuring their more decent life," Benedikt said.


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