Serbia receives new Russian helicopters - first in 29 years

Two military-transport helicopters Mi-17V-5 that Serbia bought from Russia arrived at Belgrade's Nikola Tesla airport early on Tuesday, Sputnik is reporting.

Izvor: Sputnik

The official takeover ceremony was attended by PM-designate Aleksandar Vucic.

The two Mi-17s are the first new military helicopters Serbia has bought in the past 29 years. In 1987, naval Ka-28 anti-submarine helicopters were bought from the Soviet Union, but are "no longer in service."

The transport helicopters currently in service in the Serbian Army are even older - the Mi-8s are 36 years old.

The new Mi-17s can carry 4.5 tons of cargo and travel at maximum speed of 262 kilometer per hour, taking on board 36 passengers, or 25 paratroopers and 12 wounded persons on stretchers.

The craft are 18.6 meters long and 4.7 meters high, with the maximum takeoff weight specified at 13,000 kilograms (13 tons).


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