PM says he'll invite Bosnian Presidency members to Serbia

Aleksandar Vucic has announced he will formally invite all three members of the Bosnian Presidency "to visit Belgrade and any town in Serbia, anytime."

Source: RTS, Tanjug

The prime minister, who on Saturday came under attack while attending Srebrenica commemorations, told the state broadcaster RTS late on Monday that he "represented Serbia responsibly everywhere," while no guest to Serbia ever came to any harm.

According to Vucic, both Serbs and Muslims (Bosniaks) care about properly welcoming guests - and it is "a great shame not to welcome them in the right way." He also thanked Srebrenica Mayor Camil Durakovic and the mothers of the victims for the way they received him.

"I can talk about personal disappointments. There's still one part from Potocari that was not recorded, where we were kicked and punched," said the prime minister.

"I bowed my head before the victims of Srebrenica, but not in front of fists and stones," he said, and added:

"I think I did not embarrass Serbia."

Vucic then pointed out that Bosnian Presidency member Bakir Izetbegovic called him after the incident, but revealed that he neither answered, not replied to Izetbegovic's messages - and added that if he came to Serbia, he would be unharmed.

"Bakir guaranteed me safety. (In Potocari) he pretended not to see me, he did not even say hello to me. None of the delegations remained next to me. My problem is that I did not want to hang my head low," said Vucic.

However, he said he "accepts Izetbegovic's apology."

During the interview, the prime minister "thanked especially all the Bosniaks from Serbia and from Bosnia."

"People with names and last names have said, 'thank you, we feel the sincerity on your part,' I am grateful to them," said Vucic, and added that "peace will be built and nobody will destroy the future of the Balkans."

"Various cretins will not be able to destroy the future of the Balkans, and Serbia is in on a safe path," he told the state broadcaster.

Vucic also stressed that the fact a recent British draft resolution on Srebrenica that failed in the UN "did not mean a victory for Serbia."

Commenting on other issues, Vucic said that Monday's first-instance ruling in the case against Darko Saric and members of drug trafficking group meant that "Serbia showed it had strength as a society and as a state," and that it can move forward "on the issue of the rule of law."

Speaking about relations between Belgrade and Pristina Vucic said that Belgrade is ready to continue dialogue with Pristina and that he hopes that will happen by the end of July.

The prime minister said that Belgrade accepted "a second, amended proposal from the Pristina side" and is waiting their response, noting that "we are always ready for dialogue."

Vucic said he would meet with U.S. official Victoria Nuland and European Parliament President Martin Schulz in Belgrade on Tuesday and Wednesday and that they will have "serious conversations."

Vucic said that he believes that the first chapter in the negotiations with the EU will be opened before the end of the year.

"Before the end of the year, as Angela Merkel said," stated Vucic.


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