Hungarian party to have state secretaries

Leader of the Alliance of Vojvodina Hungarians (SVM) Istvan Pastor stated on Tuesday that SVM will have state secretaries in the new Serbian government.

Source: Tanjug

According to him, they will be in charge of infrastructure, agriculture, economy, social policy and healthcare.

Addressing a news conference in Subotica, Pastor summed up the talks with leader of the Serb Progressive Party (SNS) Aleksandar Vučić and noted that the said sectors constitute key areas for the development of the country and that the coalition agreement with the SNS would be signed next week.

He said that the SVM does not want deputy PM or ministerial positions in the government although this offer was voiced during the talks with the SNS.

When it comes to the SVM role in the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, Pastor said that the party is not interested in the position of the parliament speaker or deputy speaker, but it has requested seats in several parliament committees and deputy chair positions in committees on economy and European integration.

Pastor noted that the SVM was also "interested in positions in public enterprises and bodies" which will be specified in the coming days and weeks, adding that there was a chance of a SVM expert being included in the immediate team of future PM Aleksandar Vučić.

”This would promote joint projects and those that bear key importance for us,” Pastor said and added that there was "a chance of his party delegating an ambassador to an important country."


URS continues to operate as political party

The Presidency Collegium of the United Regions of Serbia (URS) decided on Tuesday the URS would continue to function as a political party.

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