Haradinaj's brother to be indicted by special court - report

The first indictment of the specialist court for the crimes committed by the former KLA ("Kosovo Liberation Army") will be that raised against Daut Haradinaj.

Source: Sputnik

This is what Sputnik is reporting, noting that he is the brother of Ramush Haradinaj, who is currently a candidate for Kosovo prime minister.

According to this, Daut Haradinaj will be accused of the crimes committed in Glodjane in 1998, when a unit he led as one of KLA commanders attacked a police station and killed policeman Miodrag Otovic, a Serb man.

Besides, Haradinaj's group is suspected of intimidating and murdering Serbs and ethnic Albanians loyal to the authorities in nearby towns such as Djakovica, and in refugee camps in Junik and Babolol, around the same period of time.

On June 26, 2001, the US State Department blacklisted Daut Haradinaj on suspicion that he had taken part in armed conflicts the same year between ethnic Albanians and the police in Macedonia. According to the report, checks were run on him most recently in 2015, and his name remains on the list - "as he has in the meantime been linked to Al Qaeda."

Namely, "the CIA published evidence that he had met with late Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden in Albania, when he was the guest of then Albanian President Sali Berisha."

The article states that there are indications about several jihadi cells being formed in the Serbian southern province of Kosovo, and in Albania, after this meeting.

According to the same sources, Daut Haradinaj was, on behalf of the command of the Kosovo Protections Corps (KSF), in charge of coordinating "first with Al Qaeda, and then with members of Islamic State."


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