Police file complaint after threats to B92 reporter

B92 reporter in Novi Sad Sanja Ignjatovic Eker last weekend received threats over the phone.

Source: B92

B92 decided to report the case to the police first, instead of informing the public.

The local police issued a statement on Monday saying they would file a criminal complaint against a 20-year-old woman from the town of Futog for endangering safety.

B92 News Editor-in-Chief Veran Matic met with Novi Sad police chief Sinisa Radakovic and expressed his satisfaction with the quick and efficient reaction of the police.

"As soon as we learned of the threats to our journalists on Sunday morning, we reported the contents of the threats and all the relevant facts that could lead to people who sent the disturbing threats. Members of the police and the prosecution immediately responded, which situations like this require, the suspect has been brought in and one person had been charged with endangering safety," said Matic, and added:

"I think this is a desirable model of emergency response when it comes to threats to journalists in order to successfully determine the perpetrator so that the prosecution can respond, and to ensure that despite the threats, thanks to the efficient reaction, a journalist can continue to work without fear."


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