Son of "biggest drug dealer" arrested for speeding

Lazar Kosmajac was arrested on Sunday in Herceg Novi for obstructing official persons in performing their duties, the Montenegrin police have confirmed.

Source: B92, Blic

The 24-year-old was speeding and did not stop the vehicle when the police alerted him, according to the daily Blic.

In the car at the time was his father, Dragoslav Kosmajac, whom Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić last week described as "the biggest drug dealer in Serbia."

Lazar Kosmajac was sentenced to ten days in jail and taken to Podgorica, the Montenegrin police said.

Dragoslav Kosmajac has been in Montenegro for the past four days, where, as reported by the local media, he came just hours after Vučić singled him out as "the biggest drug dealer" during a news conference on June 20 he called to announce the sacking of all chiefs of Serbian police directorates.

The Montenegrin police said Kosmajac came to the country in the night between June 20 and 21 using his identity card issued by the Slovak Republic.

As of June 23, authorities of the Republic of Serbia did not formally approach the Police Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro on this matter, it was also stated.

Interpol's office in Belgrade, as well as Interpol offices in other countries, so far failed to send Interpol Podgorica an international arrest warrant for Kosmajac, the Montenegrin police announced on Monday.

The Podgorica daily Dan reported on Tuesday, quoting police sources, that Kosmajac had left Montenegro and that the police "suppose that he went to Bosnia-Herzegovina."


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