Montenegro to invest heavily in tourism

Montenegro announced that it will be investing hundreds of millions of euros in its tourist market.

Source: B92

While politicians in Serbia continue to argue over whether they should recognise the Montenegrin referendum or not, the first day of official independence in Montenegro went fairly well. There have already been discussions of foreign investments in tourism that may be worth millions of euros, while the Podgorica stock exchange had a record day.

Canadian millionaire Peter Munk plans on building a hotel complex, golf course, gallery and museum around Tivat which is expected to be an investment of about half a billion euros.

“No other industry in Europe creates riches and stability faster than the tourism industry. You have the luck and privilege to have the best things that European tourism has to offer.” Munk said.

Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Đukanović said that the basic message he is sending to investors is that a better standard is not possible without further development, and that development is not possible without investments, and investments are not possible without trust.

“The key message is that serious businesspeople such as our guests today have faith in this nation. I think that this is something beautiful and important, not only for the prime minister of the country, but for every citizen.” Đukanović said.

He also said that in these discussions, the government is more concerned with the ways, structures and dynamics of the investments, rather than the selling and buying prices.

Officials of the US Chamber of Commerce have shown interest in entering the Montenegrin market with several US funds as well, showing the greatest interest in the Plantaža and Telecom companies and the Budva Riviera.


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