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    «one of the main reason for Putins invasion … would raise the oil and gas price.»

    Stupid ! Everyone in Russia understood that we shall suffer losses over Crimea. But we have consensus here that restoring our sovereignty is worth of it. We almost alone won Hitler because he miscalculated the price we were ready to pay for our freedom. As a bonus on our way to Berlin we liberated other peoples. Today same Hitler’s mistake is made by Yankee & Vassals Ltd. It’s funny to hear Obama about the Nazi. First he lied as if his grandfather had liberated Oswentsim as those were the Soviets. He said nothing that in 1942 in Leningrad battle the Germans and the Soviets ate the same American canned meat. Then yesterday he lied of how Russians and Ukrainians fought the Nazi. But he said nothing that in 1941-1951 we also fought the Heil Hitler Ukrainian Nazi that America never sustained to support. He also said nothing that all Ukrainian Nazi were SS or Abwehr officers and that all of them were killed by Russians from Donetsk. You do know that in Europe there are no free nations today. All of you are under the American foot. Europeans are allowed to bark only what CNN and Fox order while Russia is different. We do not consider money in matters like freedom. One old song runs : А НЫНЧЕ НАМ НУЖНА ОДНА ПОБЕДА. ОДНА НА ВСЕХ – МЫ ЗА ЦЕНОЙ НЕ ПОСТОИМ ! By the way how do you love Russian songs ? I can teach you some. НА ВРАГОВ ВСЕГДА НАЙДЕМ УПРАВУ, КАК БЫ ИХ СУДЬБА НИ БЕРЕГЛА !
    (rote, 27 March 2014 05:21)

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  2. "The report notes that Russia's GDP growth already dropped to 1.3 from 3.4 percent the year before, and warns that the lack of structural reforms had led to an erosion of business and consumer confidence."

    Not a coincidence that this drop goes along with the drop of oil and gas prices. A country like Russia (or Saudi Arabia) only depends on that. Why do you think Russia is doing better nowadays under Putin than 25 years ago under Yeltzin? Because Putin is such a great politician? Of course not, only because the oil price nowadays is near $100/barrel, while it was $15-20 under Yeltsin.

    I think one of the main reason for Putins invasion, besides making cheap points amongst the Russian nationalists and extremists, was the idea that creating some trouble in the world would raise the oil and gas price. So far, this didn't work.
    (Comm. Parrisson, 26 March 2014 19:25)

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  3. B92

    “capital outflow from Russia could reach USD 150 billion in 2014, the World Bank predicted under its "high-risk scenario."

    In fact in IMF they predicted 60-80 Bln outflow as the most realistic scenario. Those are casino money and they harm us little. Russian companies used the situation for the buyback. Big shares in Gazprom , LUKoil , Transneft and other energy companies has been bought by the government. So the things run not that bad. Besides it’s not Crimea but the existing colonial order that is on the stake. Today we are free to do things we never dared to. Russia is going to replace Visa and Master Card with a national payment system. Also together with China we are to build international rating companies to replace Fitch and Moody’s. many projects are to be launched to replace import.

    Mass media in Russia and outside the country live on different planets. 90% of what is told in Ukraine and westwards is pure lie and manipulation. They close their eyes at the civil war that started in Ukraine 2 days ago. The real head of Ukraine is the US ambassador of Polish origin. But he cannot make peace among the armed forces. So last night Pravi Sector opened personal vendetta against the Internal Minister and the police. Mobilization against Russia has totally failed while the personnel here is pro-Russian. Same with the police especially in the east. Pravi Sector is separate from the rest of Maidan. Russians form their own armed forces.
    (rote, 26 March 2014 15:57)

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