1. I realized that I inadvertently wrote a thing incorrectly in my other comment.

    I wrote a Democracy is supposed to actually Create the Proper and Illegal Circumstances for People to Vote, so that everyone who wants to Vote, to Participate in an Election.

    I meant to write: Democracies Actually Creates the Proper and LEGAL Circumstances for People to Vote, and to do its UTMOST to make Everyone who wants to Vote, to Participate in an Election.

    It has been over 14 years since Euro-America Committed their War Crimes, and this Pigs Swill of Democracy is the Best Euro-America can Serve Up to show their Supposed Democratic Credentials.

    It is ILLEGAL in the European Union to Serve Up Pig Swill to Pigs, and yet Euro-America is happy to Serve Up this Pig Swill of an Election for the Non Albanians of Kosovo, and even for the Honest Kosovo Albanians, who will Vote for the Serb List, because they Know that Kosovo is Part of the European Country of Serbia.

    We know of the Many Election Frauds and Many Other Undemocratic and Illegal Standards and they are written in the News Articles at [link] , and [link] , among Other News Articles.

    The Indispensable Democratic Rule of Law for this Agreed to Status Neutral Election, Emphatically States, that Serbia’s Province of Kosovo belongs to the European Country of Serbia.
    (Yet Another J S, 2 November 2013 13:21)

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  2. Although Ashton gave the usual diplomatic fair statement, I'm not convinced that the elections in Kosovo go in a fair and democratic atmosphere. Primarily because the Albanians illegally entered the electoral rolls Albanians never before lived in the north. So, they are trying to change the ethnic composition of those parts of Kosovo where Serbs are a majority.
    (Ivy, 1 November 2013 19:55)

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  3. Aside from being part of the April agreement implementation, “this electoral process must also be a step forward in the consolidation of Kosovo's democracy,” Ashton said.

    A step forward for Kosovo's democracy? What does she mean? Does Ashton expect candidates now being elected by 125% of the voters this time instead of 115% like it was in the last democratic, free and fair elections organized by authorities of the dream state of Kosovo?
    (Comm. Parrisson, 1 November 2013 16:17)

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  4. One of the Indispensible Features of a Democracy is the Rule of Law, and yet the Albanians with the Approval of Nazi Euro-America want to conduct these Elections by means of an Illegal Self Declared State of Kosovo.

    Even though Serbia’s Province of Kosovo is not a Country, the Albanian Leaders of Kosovo have put the Coat of Arms of the Nonexistent Republic of Kosovo Election Material.

    These things are Never an Issue of Democratic Elections, and Certainly should not have been the Subject for a few days before the Election, but Democratic Principle should have been in place before an Election was even Contemplated.

    This may be the Cause why Many People boycott this Election, and a Democracy is supposed to actually create the Proper and Illegal Circumstances for People to Vote, and to do everything possible to make everyone who wants to Vote to Participate in an Election.

    Many People think that this will Reflect Poorly on the European Union, and on the Kosovo Albanian leaders in Serbia’s Province of Kosovo.

    England and America Falsely said that they Illegally and Immorally attacked Serbia and Invaded Serbia’s Province of Kosovo to bring Democracy to that Region.

    Many People think that these Elections, should be Postponed for a while until the Proper Democratic Circumstances are there for a Unrigged Democratic Election.
    (Yet Another J S, 1 November 2013 10:16)

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