EU scepticism rising in Croatia

ZAGREB -- Support for the EU is on the wane in Croatia, as in many European countries, following the recent Irish rejection of the Lisbon Treaty.

Source: Tanjug
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  1. I am not surprised. The conditions imposed on Western Balkan countries by the EU seem to be grossly unfair, especially when one considers the countries which have already been let in (Romania, Bulgaria, both of which have a lower GDP and poorer human rights record (**post-2000**) than that of Croatia).

    The EU has hugely benefitted some countries but made little or no difference (or even in some cases a negative difference!) to many others.
    (hrb, 2 July 2008 17:19)
  2. Take note Tadic and DS, the EU will be your worst nightmare a decade from this point.
    (Duro, 29 June 2008 02:55)
  3. Mesic move to Brussels to be close to your beloved EU. … Stop your nonsense also with the few self serving elites politicians with the church run over the majority of the Croatians rights to decide for them selfs and override their wishes. … Let the Croatians decide in a fair referendums not always be rail roded by you and your kind against their wills what a total nonsense ,what a derelict deserves to the Croatians citizens you are.
    (Lenard, 28 June 2008 20:19)