1. Ahmet, EA, Rocky, Al, dan,

    Congratulations!!! More to come after the 6/15. The number is increasing steadily and surely. By year end this number will be pretty high.
    (Joe, 31 May 2008 20:36)

    I do see a big problem, here. Less the 6/15 or Liberia than the strong anti-Serbian stance of most Hungarians living in USA. We did face it on the famous "Nagycsapat" web ring. They just stuck to their believes... Almost impossible to argue. The background is the obvious joy to see someone who got part of historic Hungary being partition out of it's historic core.

    I remember to argue with a respected member of "Nagycsapat" expat yahoo group, otherwise a nice guy. He just pressed his own opinion. As I asked, was he ever in Russia or Serbia in his life, he told "no" and he does not understand the language either. But he has his opinion and is firm. With all respect - it's not the right thing, IMO. I stopped to argue with him.... because it was fruitless.

    On the other side, Hungarians in Hungary do not have such hard-liner opinions. Most do say, the recognition of Kosovo was part of quasi-visa-free travel deal for Hungarian citizens to USA. Czech, Poles had the same travel deal. Interestingly, as insignificant and small the Slovak immigration to USA is, Slovaks weren't offered such deals. How funny. But all Baltic states were. And... Oh, well.

    Now, many in Serbia and in Hungary question how strong is the backbone of the Gyurcsány-government (not that Orbán of opposition has any stronger, most likely much worse). But *** some *** Hungarians - if applied on-line - can *** perhaps *** travel to USA without visa in the passport.

    Great deal, IMO. More wasn't agreed with the State Department, but that's what I call most lousy carrot.
    (Ataman, 2 June 2008 23:39)
  2. ... without agreement from Russia and China, recognition is pointless and irrelevant.
    (ZK UK, 31 May 2008 20:50)

    even when this might be just a subjective interpretation, could you please say, why you think rubbish like that? or is it impressive to be backed by pseudo-democratic states?
    (rolerkoster, 2 June 2008 13:05)
  3. Just look up Liberia's flag on-line. That will tell you why they recognized. It looks like a rip off of another flag.
    (Gojko, 2 June 2008 05:30)
  4. Liberia under Surleaf's IMF World Bank dominated regime are the running dogs of the CIA.
    (Nello, 2 June 2008 03:36)
  5. Richard, thanks for the article. It makes it clear that Libya will not recognise Kosovo.

    However, when put into perspective, a nation that has absolutely no interests in Serbia to illegally recognise Kosovo the day it receives $35 million from the EU/US makes it fairly clear what conditions were put on that "aid".

    It is no secret that this is the way the EU/US work and that recognition is illegal and unnatural.
    (ZK UK, 1 June 2008 18:28)
  6. >> The rest of those 42 countries have not given you anything apart from their word.

    Not every country will open an office /embassy. That is normal. Even Albania has only about 40 embassies in the world.

    And congratulations on Libya's support for Srbija. It fits right there with Iran, Belarus and Venezuela. If you were smart, you would NOT brag about it, but it's your call.
    (al, 1 June 2008 18:05)
  7. Without a extensive knowledge of the situation, I must say I am surprised that Serbian people, that I have an high opinion about - and I wish will join Europe as a democratic country, is putting your belief on 2 of the most not democratically countries in the world to support your case. Seems like choosing between Ebola and AIDS. And in the end Kosovo will become a member of EU, without or with the recognition of UN…………
    (Tor Larsen, 1 June 2008 14:33)
  8. Is it possible to clarify the term "unilateral independence"? I have never come across that term in our past history: Norway, Israel, East Timor, The USA - well, I could go on and on, NONE of these contries used the term "unilateral". Please explain this for me.
    (Tor Larsen, 1 June 2008 14:25)
  9. Dear ZK UK,

    If, in your theories, every recognition of Kosovo is a direct result of additional conditions to bilateral agreements between the US and the country recognising Europes youngest nation-state, then how do you rhyme your link regarding US aid for Libya with this one:

    You will probably stress the fact that your link is more recent than mine - implicating that Libya will probably recognise Kosovo in the near future.

    Let's hope that in this case, you'd be right for the first time.
    (Richard, 1 June 2008 14:09)
  10. Dear Readers,

    Why don’t you save your energy on more productive comments that will actually generate good thought and an educated debate, it’s so sad that B92 still insists on pointing out the conditions of posting comments and then blatantly publishes remarks which readers can only find offensive and derogatory.

    One asks the question, as to what these forums are really about and just how much value is there in mudslinging?
    (legal, 1 June 2008 13:37)
  11. Kosovo is moving forward with recognition, while those who oppose are counting costs of it, and trying to find complot mechanisms. Sorry, for Serbs, the year has started bad for you, and worse is yet to come.

    Anyway, keep on counting:

    -The Kosovars increasing number of recognition, but pay attention you may have problems counting as the number will soon increase rapidly and at high volume

    -The Serbs, consequences, sorry for that.
    (Prizren, RK, 1 June 2008 12:49)
  12. Liberia the 42nd nation who tarnised the UN and international law. joining the club of law breakers
    (Jevic, 1 June 2008 10:15)
  13. Look at it this way: All the really important countries have recognized Kosova. For the rest, right before we give them aid we ask them to recognize it. Maybe we give them a bit more for this, but US and EU give aid anyway. Serbia is bound to lose. The more they delay, worse it is for them. US and EU will not go anywhere for the next 200 years. If US and EU falls, so will Russia and Chinese commies.
    (Al, 1 June 2008 05:11)
  14. I don't mean barge in here and spoil the celebration, and especially not burst Albanians' bubble, but Albanians should be aware that only those countries which have actually conducted a diplomatic steps towards Kosovo, ie have a liaison office / embassy in Kosovo have in fact officially accepted Kosovo as a country.

    The rest is talk and acceptance of American word / rule / imperialism.

    I should remind you that regardless of the fact that certain officials said that they formaly recognize 'Kosovo', you only have 17 official 'on the paper' recognitions.

    The rest of those 42 countries have not given you anything apart from their word.

    Please remember that when you have 42 embassies / lieson offices / ambassadors, then you may claim 42 true recognitions.
    Equally when 42 of K-Albanian 'ambassadors' have been formaly invited to 42 of those countries, equaly you may claim recognition by those 42 states.
    (BKK, 1 June 2008 04:33)
  15. I can't believe that some Serbs are still carping about Kosovo. Don't you see that it's over for Serb extremist and their occupation of Kosovo! It's time the poor Albanians get their chance, hopefully they have learned about extreme nationalism.

    The Ol' US of A won't let you down.
    Albanians have proven to be the most pro-American people living today.
    We've got your back.
    (Kevin, 1 June 2008 02:02)
  16. this sort of nuam, guan, sandwich islands, liberia, thing is good news for us. it shows that washington is really, really unhappy with the recognition pace, but i mean, really, so it has to harass its de facto colonies in a desperate attempt to have greater numbers. that's all its gonna be from now on, btw. governments of de facto colonies putting the price of rice, scary unemployment, and, of course, kosovo recognition on their agenda:)
    but i also feel a little sad about this. these unfortunate nations should be left alone. its pitiful what u.s. is doing to force african countries with 85 percent unemployment to help them in their folly in europe, especially when the folly is fast coming apart at the seams, the world security folly and deep moral abomination called 'kosovo independence'.
    i read it recently that although liberia is so rich in diamonds its people are dirt poor, because 98 percent of mine concessions are owned by foreigners. i say albanians, keep a watchful eye on our lignite for us :) we don’t wanna put kosovo back under our full constitutional rule only to find out foreigners own 98 of our natural resources.
    (smile, 1 June 2008 00:24)
  17. OK, my mistake. Here is another link [link]
    (ZK UK, 1 June 2008 00:15)
  18. On 31 May 2008 22:43, ZK UK wrote:

    "As reported but BBC news today. Check [link]"

    Just one small problem with that link/story: Libya != Liberia
    (Jan Andersen, DK, 31 May 2008 23:42)
  19. KV,

    No one cares about Kosovo outside the main players, they do so out of self interest and responding to pressure. This applies to most of the countries on either side.

    In 60 years the countries you thank can be your enemies, 60 years is already proof enough that your friends are only friends when self interest applies.
    (Michael Blairsdale, 31 May 2008 23:38)
  20. Hey ZK, don’t be so hasty.

    Libya is more a supporter of Serbia position.

    Liberia is a country that has A (one) Star and stripes for its flag. Like a cheap American flag.
    (Michael Blairsdale, 31 May 2008 23:34)
  21. Dear ZK UK,

    "As reported but BBC news today. Check [link] That should explain it."

    This link concerns Libya, not Liberia.

    Desperately looking for complot theories, aren't you?
    (Richard, 31 May 2008 23:11)
  22. As reported but BBC news today. Check [link]

    That should explain it.
    (ZK UK, 31 May 2008 22:43)
  23. zk uk,

    It's true that Liberia or Sierra Leone aren't top dogs out there but every recognition matters. We, Kosovars, thank every country which has helped us and has recognized us
    (KV, 31 May 2008 21:52)
  24. Sierra Leone Recognizes Kosovo

    Sierra Leone recognized Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state, reported today Kosovo's public broadcaster RTK.

    Sierra Leone becomes the 43nd state to recognize the Republic of Kosovo. A country of 5 million with a total area of 71,740 sq km is located in West Africa, Sierra Leone became indepedent in 1961 from the United Kingdom. Sierra Leone is a member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference and the African Union. After Senegal, Burkina Faso and Liberia, Sierra Leone is the fourth African country to recognize Kosovo.
    (CanadianAlb, 31 May 2008 21:45)
  25. HAHAHAHHA, what a mickey mouse state of affairs. I'm sure they recognised the ALbaninas "legitimate" demands for independence.

    If any of you bothered to look at the front page of the Liberian Observer, the top two stories are...... guess what
    1) EU approves aid
    2) World Bank provides $10 million.

    Keep on rolling guys. I actually hope you hit 190 countries cos i'll love to see your faces when it gets to the UNSC and the Russians and Chinese say get lost.

    Nothing will change.
    (PB, 31 May 2008 21:41)
  26. Kosovo can never be a true independent nation until the UN approves, unfortunately that means Russia and China agreeing for UN recognition.

    So far, most of Latin America and the OIC members have little or no intention of recognising Kosovo, they are in a position to say no with little fear of bullying tactics and threats of AID and funding being withdrawn. The premier of Indonesia, that oh so large Muslim country agrees that Kosovo is an ‘internal cultural issue’. Notice avoiding saying religious, the arm of friendships to Islam is rejected.

    So far, you have countries saying Yes who have perpetrated the break up of Yugoslavia and increased its violent demise to the determent of everyone, including the Albanians (one day you will realise that you have been used by the KLA and the west as pawns and your lives mean very little to your saviours) and those who rely heavily on its AID and investment. I can not name one un-biased or coerced country who has said yes out of the principles of freedom, democracy blah blah .insert some more American hog wash.

    As long as that remains, the people who want Kosovo independence will always be children screaming for their mother’s recognition that they have grown up only to grow in frustration.
    (Michael Blairsdale, 31 May 2008 21:27)
  27. Yawn....

    Weren't the Albanians here stating that only desert nations were supporting Serbia and here you all are thanking Liberia?

    In case anyone has missed the point, Serbia has already said no to independence and we are backed by both Russia and China. That's all that matters and the other 150 states that agree, including India, Brazil, Egypt are a welcome bonus.

    You see, without agreement from Russia and China, recognition is pointless and irrelevant.
    (ZK UK, 31 May 2008 20:50)
  28. Ahmet, EA, Rocky, Al, dan,

    Congratulations!!! More to come after the 6/15. The number is increasing steadily and surely. By year end this number will be pretty high.
    (Joe, 31 May 2008 20:36)
  29. A Tsunami, right?


    hope dies last, as they say...
    (Jovan, 31 May 2008 20:31)
  30. Congrats albnians you just got the recognition of the two most volatile and genocidal countries in Africa... I saw it coming really.
    (Duro, 31 May 2008 20:07)
  31. Thank you Liberia, Sierra Leone! Macedonia will follow you shortly!

    (Mark (Shqype), 31 May 2008 19:58)
  32. also sierra leone has recognized today the republic of kosovo not only liberia!
    (dan, 31 May 2008 19:03)
  33. A country is a country, right guys? Now we'll see Kosova get these small country endorsements.
    (Al, 31 May 2008 18:57)
  34. B92 42 you'r wrong my friend
    43 yes is 43 with Siera Leone
    Thank you very much Liberia and Siera Leone Thank you
    Europe love you
    Long Live Republic of Kosova
    Excellent /rolling rolling .
    (Rocky London UK, 31 May 2008 18:52)
  35. One step at a time)
    After the 15th of June many countries will follow....))
    (EA, 31 May 2008 18:51)
  36. ...a US colony.
    (Drago, 31 May 2008 18:44)
  37. "Priština media claim that Liberia has recognized Kosovo's unilateral independence declaration", reads the headline on this artilce.
    b92 why you used the word ' CLAIM" and not " REPORTED"?
    It is very funy how you guys tend to potray news at you convinience.
    (Ahmet Isufi, 31 May 2008 18:22)