1. At the end of the art. the author is a professor at oxford. ---- the home of the tractarian movement in the 1890's and the home of all rebellion against the bible. The art. has the marks of jesuitry(hypocrisy).
    (Joseph, 14 November 2017 09:09)

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  2. DEDA CVETKO: I never had the opportunity to meet either of my grandfathers, both of whom were killed in WWII, so I'm comforted by your handle. I'm even more impressed with your skilled and perceptive prose.
    (Amnesty Yugoslavia, 13 October 2017 09:27)

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  3. @Amnesty Yugoslavia, 2 October 2017 14:05

    This is the same article, published by the same author, whose "wise" musings have graced many globalist and elitist MSM newspapers worldwide over the years (another character of this nature is one Misha Glenny). He is clearly one of those high-ranking elitists whose words must be whispered with utter reverence and spread far and wide by the underlings as if belonging to some sort of religious prophet or globalist Pope.

    It remains unclear why B92 deemed it appropriate to reprint the ramblings of the notorious elitist with scant understanding of the world affairs in general, and European affairs in particular. Germany, of course, is suffering from the exact same globalist malaise as Timothy Garthon Ashes to Ashes, so this article clearly falls under the "cattle calling the pot black" category.

    Sometimes the works of fiction should be dismissed a priori based on who authored them, rather than on their merits, real or imagined. Some people simply disqualified themselves as honest, honorable and credible voices. This is one of these cases.
    (DEDA CVETKO, 12 October 2017 02:04)

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  4. Author and B92 editor please note the following paragraph :
    "One lesson to be learned if this: if we are to combat populism, we must understand that its deep driving forces are as much cultural as economic"

    read more clearly when it was published as the last sentence in the first paragraph by the Guardian on 28 Sep 2017 with the following wording:

    "One lesson to be learned is this: if we are to combat populism, we must understand that its deep driving forces are as much cultural as economic."

    Perhaps both the author and B92 editor may question the value in trying to superficially rephrase Guardian articles?
    (Amnesty Yugoslavia, 2 October 2017 14:05)

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