ETA to follow Kosovo example

BILBAO -- The Basque separatist group ETA will base its calls for independence on the example set by Kosovo, says local daily Gara.

ETA, which the EU considers a terrorist organization, stresses that its fight “is not utopia” and cites the examples of Kosovo and Scotland, it is written on the daily’s website, which has announced interviews with some of the organization’s members.

It was not possible to get any details of the interview from the paper’s editors, nor were the names of any of the group’s members mentioned.

ETA uses Gara, among other papers, to send messages or publish its statements.

“This nation has a right to its own development,” says ETA, which has been responsible for 819 murders in the last 40 years in Spain in its fight for the Basque country's independence.

Kosovo officials say that they will soon declare independence against the wishes of the Serbian authorities.

In Scotland, the Scottish National Party secured a majority in elections to the Scottish parliament in May, and is looking to hold a referendum for independence in 2010.

Basque leaders wish to hold a similar referendum in the same year.