U.S. embassy provides aid to Kraljevo

KRALJEVO -- U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Mary Warlick visited Kraljevo on Thursday and delivered to the Red Cross of Serbia a USD 365,000 worth assistance.

The town was struck by a strong earthquake three months ago.

The aid is also meant for the towns in western Serbia which were struck by floods.

The donation, weighing about 20 tons, contains 600 sets of construction material, as well as beds, heaters, sleeping bags, wardrobe, and other things.

Our aim is to help the recovery and repairing of the damages caused by the earthquake that hit Kraljevo, because we want people to go back to their normal lives as soon as possible, Warlick stated.

President of Red Cross of Serbia Dragan Radovanović asserted that the assistance has "more than material value".

"It is important for people to have a feeling that they will not be left to their own devices in difficult times," he stressed.

Kraljevo Mayor Ljubiša Simović thanked Warlick for the assistance and solidarity, and expressed hope that the two countries will cooperate in other areas as well.