DS leader: Government will not make it through 2013

BELGRADE -- Democratic Party (DS) leader Dragan Đilas said Tuesday night that the ruling coalition was unstable and that the government “can hardly make it through 2013.”

Dragan Đilas (Beta)
Dragan Đilas (Beta)

He told Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that the DS was the largest opposition party in Serbia and that it would as such act responsibly, which meant that it would not topple the government just so it could run in the elections.

He stressed that the DS would be a constructive opposition.

“The party I am leading will always vote for the laws that are good, but will criticize things that are not good… I want to see what the vision of this government is. What I have seen in these five months - I have seen enormous energy of (First Deputy Prime Minister) Aleksandar Vučić in combat against corruption and crime, and I have seen the Party of United Pensioners of Serbia's (PUPS) commitment to protecting the rights of pensioners and nothing else,” he noted.

“This government with Finance and Economy Minister (United Regions of Serbia leader) Mlađan Dinkić, who with only two percent of the vote was given to run all the economy, and the interior minister (Ivica Dačić), who is obviously not that, has the prime minister whose stands are evidently opposite from those of the president, and this will all add up to the government's failure to make it through the following year,” Đilas explained.

He said that the platform on Kosovo was unrealistic and drafted for “internal political needs”, and written for the purpose of ending the talks with Europe.

“Today, there are customs at the administrative crossings in Kosovo which has not been envisaged in the agreement initialed by Borislav Stefanović, former head of Belgrade's negotiating team in the dialogue with Priština,” he noted.

“It has been clearly stated there that these are not border crossings, that there will be no flag, coat of arms, state symbols,” Đilas underscored.

“The problem with this platform is the existence of two policies in Serbia - one of the Serbian president, and the other of the prime minister,” the DS leader concluded.