"Members of all Belgrade-based parties in Kosovo elections"

BELGRADE -- Among the candidates of the sole Serb list to take part in the Kosovo elections are members of all parties with their headquarters in Belgrade.

This is according to Ranđel Nojkić, who runs on the United Serbian List.

He told B92 in Belgrade on Tuesday that among the list’s 56 candidates there are representatives of both the ruling and opposition parties.

Nojkić, a member of the Serbian Renewal Party (SPO), named these parties as the Democratic Party of Serbia (DSS), the Democratic Party (DS), the Serb Radical Party (SRS), the Serb Progressive Party (SNS), G17 Plus, and that they will all run in the Kosovo Albanian-authorities organized elections on December 12, for the new assembly in Priština.

The SPO official also told B92 that he would personally rather be a part of the Priština than the Belgrade negotiating team, once the expected Belgrade-Priština dialogue takes place.

Nojkić said a desire not to see Kosovo Serbs manipulated is what motivated him to express this stance.

He added that official Belgrade had not said that Kosovo Serbs should not participate in the elections, but that there was a lack of conditions for them to call on Serbs to participate.

“Belgrade has evident problems in the political structure in parliament and that’s why there wasn’t a call (for Serbs) participate in the elections,“ said Nojkić.

He stated that with the participation of Serbs in the Kosovo elections, Belgrade would
strengthen its position in the possible negotiations with Priština.

Nojkić said that the dilemma of whether or not to participate in the ballot “is virtually non-existent“ and announced that the the list he is on with take part in the elections regardless of the message from Belgrade.

The SPO official said that Serbs, "by entering Kosovo institutions, would be able to represent the
interests of the Serbian community with less caution than the official Belgrade which is in the process of joining the EU".

“Our ambition is to take part, to the full extent, in the Kosovo institutions, in assembly, in all the assembly commissions, the government and everything related to it, under clear conditions, and those are to defend the interests of Serbs,“ said he.

“We are fighting that Belgrade recognizes us as a relevant factor, and it is possible that people from the list are invited to both (negotiating) teams. We want to impose ourselves on Belgrade, not to ask for their goodwill,“ concluded Nojkić.