Indonesia in strong support over Kosovo

BELGRADE -- Indonesia's ambassador says Serbia’s attempt to prove Kosovo’s independence declaration illegal is just.

“We believes that Serbia is putting all its effort towards this process being successful. This paves the road to the success of the Serbian initiative before the International Court of Justice in The Hague,” Ambassador Muhammad Dalimunthe said in an interview with daily Večernje Novosti.

He said that his country, the most populous Muslim state, supports Serbia’s efforts to prove its legal rights in Kosovo, because it is a fight against the violation of international law.

“Indonesia stands firmly behind the notion that every move on the international scene must be based on international law, and that is not the case with the unilateral proclamation of Kosovo's independence. Our stance starts with the fact that we respect Serbia’s integrity,” he added.

“We believes that a group of people from a field that is an integral part of one country cannot independently decide to separate. If there is no agreement, there is no question that it is a violation of international law. Serbia and Kosovo are one country and this problem must be solved through peaceful negotiations, without the use of force,” the ambassador said.

He added that Serbia has a good chance of receiving the support of the International Court of Justice.

“There are, however, certain factors in the international community that fear a positive solution to the initiative. They are afraid that it would open up similar legal dilemmas in other parts of the world. Indonesia supports Serbia on its just path towards proving to the international community that Kosovo was illegally taken away,” Dalimunthe said.

He also stated that Kosovo is a political problem, not a religious one, and that it is not about conflicts between Muslims in Kosovo and Serbs in Serbia.

The top Indonesian diplomat in Serbia reminded that his country insisted at the Organization of Islamic Unity’s summit that Kosovo be treated as a political issue.