Prosecutor: Names uncovered in “yellow house” case

BELGRADE -- War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević said that the prosecution has made significant progress in the so-called “yellow house” investigation.

Vladimir Vukčević (FoNet archive)
Vladimir Vukčević (FoNet archive)

Vukčević said that the prosecution has uncovered the names of the people who were in the house, located in north Albania, in which organs were harvested from kidnapped persons during the conflict in Kosovo.

“We have already talked to some of them, but there is a great fear of revenge in the potential witnesses. The majority of their families have literally become hostages of those who are ready to do everything to keep their crimes a secret,” Vukčević said.

He told daily Blic that the prosecution has contacted credible people who are prepared to help in the investigation, and that it has uncovered information that the organs were sold “in the West and East, in Turkey, Saudi Arabia…”

Vukčević said that other than Serbs and non-Albanians from Kosovo, it is believed that there were some Russian and Czech citizens taken to the yellow house as well.

“We have made great progress in the investigation on the trafficking of human organs harvested from Kosovo Serbs,” Vukčević said, adding that he has forwarded the information to Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly Rapporteur Dick Marty.

The prosecution believes that hundreds of Kosovo Serb civilians were kidnapped by the ethnic Albanian so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) in 1999, to be taken to neighboring Albania and murdered for their vital organs, which were sold in the black market.