The US gets a new federal state?

The US House of Representatives voted for Washington D.C. to receive the status of the 51st US federal state, according to American media

Source: B92

The House of Representatives, led by Democratic lawmakers, passed a law Friday that would make Washington, D.C., the 51st state, although Republicans and the White House have expressed opposition to the measure.

The bill, aptly named "H.R. 51", was passed in a party vote with 232 votes in favor and 180 against.

One Democrat, Colin Peterson of Minnesota, voted against.

The bill, which is now on the decision of the Senate, which has a republican majority, would enable the admission of a new state, called Washington, Douglas Commonwealth, which would be represented by two senators and one member of Congress.

The territory of the state would include all the current territory of the district, except for monuments and federal buildings such as the White House and the Capitol.

However, this decision will most likely be rejected in the Senate, which is mostly controlled by Republicans and US President Donald Trump.

This historic vote, the first in terms of the number of states after 27 years, brought a new focus on the status of the capital of the USA, which has a population of 700.000, but not the right to vote in the Congress.


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