Dramatic images; Serbia in red, totally paralyzed; The bridge collapsed PHOTO/VIDEO

Intense precipitation is still expected today in most of the country, and in some places thunder. A red weather alert is in effect in the east of Serbia.

Source: B92

The highest temperature will be up to 26 degrees.

Cloudy and rainy weather is expected in our country. Dry weather will be only in the north of Serbia, while more abundant precipitation is expected in other regions.

The rain that has been falling relentlessly since yesterday has caused heavy flooding in Arandjelovac, so much so that the torrent is carrying everything in front of it on the streets.

The precipitation still does not stop, and this kind of weather is predicted until Sunday.

State of emergency declared in Kraljevo

As the RTS correspondent reports, a state of emergency was declared in the territory of Kraljevo at the meeting of the crisis headquarters.

Another disaster in Western Serbia

Four people were urgently evacuated from the village near Čačak. The locals are given sacks in order to protect their homes.


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