Nordeus donations to humanitarian campaign at almost 900k

The Loznica maternity ward has received medical equipment worth more than EUR 32,500, thanks to a donation from Belgrade-based mobile games developer Nordeus.

Source: B92
(Fund B92)
(Fund B92)

In accordance with the needs of the hospital, a neonatal aspirator (artificial lung) was purchased, along with a patient monitor with EKG, a spirometer, an infusion pump and an oxygen device with accessories, Fund B92 announced on Thursday.

This medical equipment is only a portion of a large donation provided by Nordeus, through the "Battle for Maternity Wards" campaign, for another ten such institutions: in Senta, Kikinda, Sombor, Zrenjanin, Zajecar, Surdulica, Prokuplje, Pirot, Prijepolje, and in Gornji Milanovac.

Within the campaign, that is being implemented successfully by Fund B92, Nordeus has so far donated more than 880,000 euros that went toward acquiring the necessary equipment for a total of 14 Serbian maternity hospitals - and this domestic company has been supporting Fund B92's other humanitarian projects for many years.

On behalf of Norderus, the valuable donation was presented in Loznica today by Milica Radojevic.

"It is an honor and pleasure for me as the hospital's director but also as a gynecologist to thank Nordeus and Fund B92 for this extremely valuable medical equipment," said Dr. Milan Todorovic, and added:

"It will greatly contribute to better treatment, creating a more better and safer living environment for children born here, and it enables all of us employees to use the most modern medical equipment, which improves the quality of our work."

"Everything that we have received is truly necessary, and of priceless value for the functioning of our maternity clinic, which where an average of about 1,200 babies is born each year," said the director of the Loznica hospital.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Fund B92 Veran Matic was also present at the handover ceremony today, and said noted that within the campaign, the hospital in this western Serbian town had previously received equipment worth about 27,000 euros from local donors.

"The general hospital in this town was donated a CTG device, which was provided by the Vasic family, and in that way ensured that preventive examinations and monitoring of pregnancy were being handled with state-of-the-art equipment," he said, and added:

"The second donation was given by an anonymous benefactor who donated one transportation (manual) incubator and one patient monitor for the needs of this maternity hospital. In addition to this equipment, from the beginning of the Battle of the Babies, the hospital also received a reanimation set for babies, and two incubators."

"By including Nordeus, our campaign has gained its largest corporate donor, and I hope that the state of Serbia and its institutions, and not only donors, will recognize this very important socially responsible and philanthropic activity of the employees and owners of one of our most successful companies, because they are innovative in the humanitarian work, too, because everyone donates and everyone decides where those donations will go" Matic said.

Since the beginning of the campaign, Fund B92 has raised more than 3 million euros for the purchase of medical equipment needed by 40 Serbian maternity hospitals and other health care institutions caring for mothers and babies. By the end of the campaign it is necessary to collect funds for equipping another 12 institutions.


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