Days of Archibald Reiss held in Belgrade

The 4th international scientific conference dubbed "Days of Archibald Reiss" opened in Belgrade on Tuesday.

Source: Tanjug

The event was declared open by Serbia's outgoing prime minister and interior minister, Ivica Dačić, who noted that Archibald Reiss was the founder of the first state-run police school in Serbia.

After the end of the First World War - in which the Swiss took part as a doctor serving with the Serbian Kingdom troops - "he chose to stay in Serbia and work on the foundation of forensic science in the country," Dačić noted.

Reiss developed "a deep understanding of the Serbian people, and his message to us today would be to stand united, to define our national and state interests, and to move forward together as a nation,” Dačić stressed opening the conference held in the Criminal Investigations-Police Academy (KPA).

Reiss remained devoted to Serbia even after his death, as his heart, upon his own request, was buried on the Kaymakchalan Hill, the site of the battle between Serbian and Bulgarian troops fought in 1916, Dačić added.

Addressing the conference, Serbian Police Director Milorad Veljović pointed to organized crime as a global threat to stability. "All countries in the region of South-East Europe are faced with the same problem of organized crime and corruption, and they should join forces in fighting it," he stressed.

The conference is also attended included KPA Dean Goran Milošević and Vice President of Association of European Police Colleges and director of the Security Academy in Vienna Norbert Leitner, among others.


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