21 dead in storm and flood that hit Skopje

A total of 21 people died in storms and floods that hit Skopje, the Macedonian capital, on August 6.

Source: Tanjug

On Sunday afternoon, authorities said that 20 bodies had been identified up until that point.

Skopje Mayor Koche Trayanovski said that the storm felt like "a water bomb" had been dropped on the city.

The Macedonian government will declare a 15-day emergency situation, establish a state crisis management committee, lead by Deputy Prime Minister Nikola Todorov, the government said after a session, Beta agency reported, adding that, the victims were confirmed to have been found in the northeastern suburbs of Stajkovci, Smiljkovci, Aracinovo and Cento.

Torrential rains brought 93 liters of water per square meter in Skopje on Saturday evening, while more than 800 lightening strikes were registered in the first two hours of the storm, the agency said.


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