Kurti abolished fees

Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti has announced that the Government of Kosovo decided to abolish the tariffs on products from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina

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EPA-EFE/ Valdrin Xhemaj
EPA-EFE/ Valdrin Xhemaj

A measure of reciprocity in relation to Serbia is being introduced.

Reciprocity measures will not be applied in relations with Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The decision comes into force tonight at 24 hours and is valid until June 15 this year when the results of the implementation of this decision will be assessed.

The outgoing Prime Minister referred to many international documents that present the basis for mutual trade relations, while emphasizing that the two documents relating to trade relations between Kosovo and Serbia should be in conformity with the constitutional and legal solutions in Kosovo.

Kosovo institutions such as Border Police, Customs, Food and Veterinary Agency, Agency for Products and Medical Equipment, and other relevant institutions should start implementing the decision as soon as it is signed.

On Tuesday, he said that the decision meant that all phytosanitary and veterinary documents had to be controlled at Kosovo's border.

"The reciprocity measures, i.e., mutual relations as the institute of the relationship between the sovereign states which is in line with international law," Kurti said, referring to specific international instruments and principles governing it.

Just to reiterate, a few days ago, Kosovo Assembly revoked Kurti's government.


Pristina abolishes fees

Government of interim Pristina institutions adopted a decision tonight by Prime Minister Albin Kurti to abolish the tariffs on raw materials from central Serbia

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