"Serbia is rich and developed and Kosovo is part of Serbia"

Guinea-Bissau unambiguously supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia.

Source: Tanjug

The country also respects UN Resolution 1244 which confirms that Kosovo is an integral part of Serbia.

This has been stated in Belgrade on Tuesday by President of the Assembly of Guinea-Bissau and President of the Executive Committee of the African Parliamentary Union Cipriano Cassama.

Cassama described Serbia as a rich and developed country.

"During my visit to Serbia, I saw that Serbia is a rich and developed country, and I hope that I will see many more nice things," Cassama said in at the Serbian National Assembly, after his meeting with Assembly President Maja Gojkovic.

Gojkovic expressed her satisfaction at being able to announce to the public that Guinea-Bissau unambiguously supports the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Serbia, adding that the visit by a delegation of that African country demonstrates that.

"Guinea-Bissau made it clear to the public of Serbia and to the international community that they respect international law, UN resolutions, Resolution 1244," said Gojkovic, adding that Guinea-Bissau was among those states that recognized the dangerous precedent related to self-proclamations of independence.

Gojkovic added that Serbia is grateful to Cassama, who came to reiterate his country's political position on Kosovo, one of the most politically important issues for Serbia.

Cassama added that Guinea Bissau has a firm stand on the issue of the territorial integrity of Serbia.

"Guinea-Bissau was at war for 11 years and we have no doubts on this issue. We will continue to support your country and support territorial integrity. We will also continue to support the UN resolution, and I will convey that to members of parliament and my colleagues when I return to the country," he said.

During his visit to Serbia, Cassama will speak with President Aleksandar Vucic, Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic and Serbian Prime Minister Anna Brnabic. These meetings will alo focus on agriculture, Tanjug said.

During the conversation with Gojkovic, it was agreed that a cooperation agreement be signed during the next visit, while she said the areas it will cover will be further specified later.

Cassama invited Gojkovic to come to Guinea Bissau, but also all other citizens, adding that his country has q great tourist potential - 80 islands out of which 20 are inhabited.


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