Asylum seekers "rapidly leaving Serbia" - minister

Asylum seekers are rapidly leaving Serbia following the Hungarian government's announcement about building a fence along the border, says Aleksandar Vulin.

Source: Tanjug

Numbers show that the number of asylum seekers looking for permanent accommodation in Serbia has dropped, and this is probably caused by their fear that they will not be able to leave the country afterwards, the labor minister told journalist in Subotica, a town in northern Serbia near the Hungarian border, on Sunday.

"An average of around 600 people was looking for permanent accommodation in Serbia, and now there are 200-250 of those who stay in some of our centers," Vulin said.

Ahead of Monday's session of the government's working group for asylum seekers he is at the head of, Vulin said it is necessary to review the situation and steps needed to take in order to protect the health and safety of Serbian citizens, but also of all those coming to the country or just passing through.

"We will do everything in accordance with international and European standards and our legislation, primarily to protect the interest of our country, but also to take care of everyone's human rights," Vulin said.

Serbia cannot prevent anyone from building a wall, but Serbia itself will not erect walls towards its neighbors, the minister concluded.


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