Interior minister in Ground Safety Zone

Interior Minister Ivica Dačić spent last night in the Ground Safety Zone (GSZ), in the municipality of Medveđa.

Source: B92

Touring MUP Žandarmerija (Gendarmerie) camps, and those of regular police in this part of the zone, that stretches along the administrative line with Kosovo, Dačič said that the area was stable and peaceful.

However, he called on the government to invest more in the region and prevent depopulation, and warned that about criminal activity.

The minister was in the area to spend the Julian calendar – the so-called Orthodox New Year – with the Gendarmes on duty there.

“There is illegal deforestation, theft, smuggling, especially of excise goods, since there is no administrative crossing in this area, and our forces are struggling to stop the crossing of terrorist groups to our area,” Dačić said.

The camp that he visited is located near the village of Matovac. There is not even a macadam road leading to it, so the minister took some time to reach the Gendarmes stationed there.

Other than MUP’s elite policemen, some 60, mostly elderly people also live in the village. They say that they feel “completely cut off from the rest of the municipality”.

This area, Dačić said, is of strategic importance, and for that reason the state must help the residents of the GSZ “much more seriously”.

“In order to save Serbia, it’s very important to invest in infrastructure and economy in those areas that are strategically important to us, so that these people can survive,” said the minister.

Dačić reiterated that both regular police and Gendarmes “will keep peace in southern Serbia, because this is in the interest of both [ethnic] Albanians and Serbs”.


Defense Minister on Srebrenica resolution

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