Victims families' outrage at plans to free RTS boss

The families of RTS workers killed during the NATO bombing have called on citizens to protest over calls to free former RTS boss Dragoljub Milanović.

Source: B92

In a public statement, the families of Radio-Television Serbia staff killed when NATO planes bombed the building in 1999, have called on members of the public to leave a flower at the “Why?” memorial in Tašmajdan park at 18:00 in a sign of protest at, as they put it, attempts to use the dead as a bargaining tool in trying to form a new government.

Earlier this week, senior Socialist Party official Milutin Mrkonjić said that one of the conditions for his party entering government would be “an end to the persecution of the Milošević family, as well as the release of Milanović.”

Milanović was sent to prison after it was established that he had knowingly not evacuated the RTS building despite receiving prior first-hand notification that NATO planned to bomb the building.


"EU accession—domestic policy issue"

The EC delegation head in Belgrade says the issue of EU accession is more a domestic, rather than foreign, policy issue in Western Balkan states.

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