Burkina Faso, Nauru recognize Kosovo

Burkina Faso today recognized Kosovo’s unilateral independence, agencies report.

Source: B92, Beta

Yesterday, Kosovo was recognized by the Republic of Nauru, an island state in the Pacific.

“Burkina Faso recognizes the existence of a new sovereign state, in keeping with international law,” reads a statement from the Ouagadougou authorities. It adds that Burkina Faso is ready to “establish friendly relations and cooperation with the new sovereign state.”

Following recognition from Burkina Faso and Nauru, Kosovo’s unilateral independence declaration has so far been recognized by 39 states.

The Kosovo assembly took the decision to declare secession on February 17. Serbia has immediately annulled the proclamation and considers it illegal.


Poll: 66 percent support SAA signing

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Greek PM calls for compromise in Kosovo

Greek Prime Minister Kostas Karamanlis says that his country has always favored an agreement on the Kosovo issue over a policy of fait accompli.

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