Russian Kommersant: EU notified Serbia - you won't be able to "sit on two chairs"

European Union had informed Serbia that it would be almost impossible to "sit on two chairs" after Serbia's signing the free trade agreement with EAEU

Source: Beta

This is being published in the Monday issue of Moscow daily "Kommersant".

This paper noted that EU called on Serbia to refuse signing of such agreement, as it opposes Serbia's EU accession plans.

"With this, Brussels had notified Serbia that it cannot possibly sit on two chairs", the paper reiterates, adding that Belgrade responded that until joining EU, they are entitled to sign whatever agreements they want, with the states of their choice.

"Kommersant" reminds Serbia that it should soon take one side and adjust its foreign policy with EU, including its relations with Russia.

Daily says that Serbia got direct call to withdraw from signing this agreement from the EU foreign ministers in Helsinki, after President Aleksandar Vucic's meeting with the newly appointed Russian Ambassador to Serbia Alexander Botsan Kharchenko.

"EU call to Serbia is yet another Brussels' warning that the policy of sitting on two chairs is not acceptable when it comes to the relations with the West and with Russia, which Vucic wants to carry out. Brussels had on several occasions reminded Serbian authorities who is its major partner: it has 60% of trade exchange with EU, while it is somewhat less than 7% with Russia, while the scope of European investments to Serbia is several times higher than with Russia", this daily concludes.

The paper quotes the Chief of Foreign Policy Center Dragan Djukanovic, claiming that Serbia's agreement with Eurasian Union is not of crucial importance.

Kommersant notes that the experts consider that with signing this agreement, Serbia attempts to force EU to speed up Serbia's EU integration process, as it seems that Serbia will access EU in 2025, in accordance with the new agenda of EU enlargement. However, Belgrade needs to start dialogue soon on foreign and defense policy.

"At that point, Serbia will have to join EU policy towards Russia, including the sanctions, or it will have to abandon its plans on EU integrations. In that case, the issue of leaving EAEU Agreement will not be on the agenda", Kommersant reports.