Romanian citizens cleared in brutal double murder case

Three Romanian citizens detained in connection with the murder of an elderly couple in the village of Brodice in eastern Serbia are no longer the suspects.

Source: Vecernje novosti

This has been reported by Belgrade's Vecernje Novosti newspaper, that said the investigators now believe that two local villagers - 16-year-old F.Dj., and 21-year-old D.S. - are the murderers.

The victims - Draga and Dragoljub Jugovic, both in their 70s, were killed in mid-February. A knife was used as the murder weapon, while the victims' bodies were recovered from a cesspit.

The suspect F.Dj. is now in custody in Serbia, while D.S. has been detained in Vienna, Austria, and should soon be extradited.

The police searched the underage suspect's home and found a knife believed to have been used to commit the crime, along with bloodied clothes, a cell phone belonging to one of the victims, Dragoljub Jovanovic, and around 1,300 euros in cash, believed to have been taken from the victims.

According to sources close to the investigation, F.Dj. admitted to the double murder during the questioning, saying that robbery was the motive and describing in detail how the crime was committed.

The second suspect, D.S., fled the country in the wake of the murders, but was located and arrested in Vienna. F.Dj. also accused D.S.'s grandmother of helping them hide the evidence.

The three Romanian citizens held as suspects in the case - named as G. Viorelu, G. Florian, and V. Dumetres - will now be released from custody.

They all denied involvement in the crime when they were arrested. Florian and Dumetres explained that the victims, who owned a motel, hired them as workers, "paid them excellent wages, and gave them food and clothes" and that for this reason, "they had no motive to murder them."

If the two suspects now held in custody are found guilty by a court, the minor could spend up ten years in a juvenile prison, while the adult could face up to 40 years in jail.


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