Police search for man suspected of killing disabled daughter

The police in the southern town of Niš are still looking for a man who they suspect on Tuesday evening shot and killed his daughter.

Source: B92, Beta

The suspect, identified as Stojan Đurić, is currently large, having left the scene of the crime immediately after the murder.

The police have published his photograph, asking the citizens to help with the investigation.

Đurić is believed to have killed his 35-year-old disabled daughter in their family home with three shots from a firearm.

The woman, identified as S.Đ., was shot three times in the chest and died instantly, it has been reported..

Neighbors and family members said that Đurić left the apartment building armed, but are "convinced he represents no danger to others", and added that he left a "farewell letter" where he explained that he could "no longer stand the suffering of his child", and that he would commit suicide.

Đurić is also described as "a quiet man who cared about his daughter himself, refusing to sent her to a nursing home".

His wife spoke to reporters on Wednesday to reject speculation that poverty was the motive for the crime, saying that the suspect lost his job "ten years ago" and not recently, and that the family was surviving on her pension and "the care and help of others".

The local Social Welfare Center said that the family turned to them "only for that type of assistance", while they were "unaware of other problems".

The mother of the victim also stated that Đurić was "no murderer", and that providing care for the seriously ill child for the past thirty years was "a great burden".


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