Informer's dangerous pamphlets

It's been almost half a year since it falsely alarmed Serbia with warnings of imminent danger of a coup - and Informer has been once again manipulating the alarm bells in a seasonal fashion, saying that it has "solid evidence" of a new attempt to create chaos in Serbia and topple Aleksandar Vucic.

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Bosko Jaksic (file)
Bosko Jaksic (file)

One time is a coincidence, two times no longer so, said Agatha Christi. The articles coming out of the printing office of the tabloid, which is a favorite of the current government, suggest the outlines of an orchestrated policy of confrontation with the West.

The calling out by name of U.S. and EU ambassadors, along with the obligatory complemented list of local "conspirators," obviously aims to encourage Eurosceptics, precision-mark all those public figures that the Russian embassy had not invited to its gala reception, and further gather Serbia around a leader who is again being "conspired against" in times of growing discontent.

The "informed" Informer refers to a six-point document the West draw up to bring down Vucic by organizing and paying non-governmental organizations, but also "anarchist, leftist, Marxist, anti-globalization and trade union movements."

What an amateurish construction! Informer's list lacks only the Trotskyists and the philatelists. Does anyone really think that plans to topple a regime - if they exist - are printed? And in such circulation that none other than Informer's editor-in-chief gets hold of a copy.

If he read any serious spy novel, if he closely followed James Bond, Dragan J. Vucicevic would have known that such projects do not have written records. And if there are, Informer's "investigative journalism" would be the last to get them.

It would seem instead that the aim of the writings is to falsely define the nature of the recent protests around Savamala and RT Vojvodina. To attribute to the West, instead of to spontaneous civil dissatisfaction, "the spreading of civil protest", as the broad-spectrum tabloid called the Devenport-Scott plan.

Only Informer's manufacturing of disinformation could have come up with the thesis that some Belgrade editors were invited to Brussels to be trained in "causing chaos in Serbia." Informer is insulting Serbia, including the government that it loyally admires. It turns out that Serbia is a country so unstable that "chaos" can be caused effectively after a short evening walk, by a small group of media saboteurs. For shame!

Is this the combative atmosphere that PM-designate announced even before he formed a government? Don't those who commission such western conspiracy theories realize the far-reaching consequences on Serbia moving closer to the EU - the goal that they have voluntarily chosen? Is it not clear to them that many, both in Brussels and here, will ask whether that was a sincere choice, or a transparent pretense at Euro-enthusiasm?

Informer's pamphlets are dangerous. They are much more than globally-foolish sensationalism and an insult to elementary common sense. Dragan J. Vucicevic, who has in him as much democratic spirit as Bolshevik executioners Lavrentiy Beria and Felix Dzerzhinsky put together, is persistently spreading his concept against "euro-Uniates."

It seems a concept too complex and delicate to have been thought up by D.J.V. alone. For that reason everything is attributed to a phantom author who enabled him to spread his wings like this, to strive to be creating Serbia's foreign policy, to, like an Inquisition prosecutor, call out those who think differently, and rule the media roost of Serbia.

But, perhaps the loudest Serbian propagandist really is the lone creator of the new Serbian foreign policy that is at odds with the officially formulated one.
Vucicevic has a right to to be anti-European, to think that western mercenaries roam free here, but he has no right to be falsely alerting the nation, to call-outs. Or to be creating lists by which Serbia-1 and Serbia-2 will unfortunately go to war.

If this were a serious country, the courts would have their hands full, and Informer's coffers would be emptied as they pay fines for unproven smears. You will agree that there is hardly a more severe accusation that that of toppling the state order, and that is precisely what a whole list of prominent people from the Serbian public scene have been accused of.

But this is a country whose justice system relies on the world of politics. What, then, is there? Isn't Vucic providing the wind in the sails of his extended arm called Vucicevic when he says he realized that the West "funds anyone willing to say a bad word about the government."

By providing a priceless contribution to the tabloidization of Serbia, Disinformer immediately calls out that "anyone," including those who have the right to their low opinion of the government's moves, and those who act according to their own conscience, not because they are on the Soros payroll.

What is happening is moving Serbia away from the democratic values ​​of Europe and introducing it dangerously into totalitarianism, leaving only the option of choosing whether it will be Oriental - Recep Tayyip Erdogan, or Byzantine - Vladimir Putin.

This article was originally published on the website of the daily Politika

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