1. Message to Serbian nation: I must apologise for my Czech governament because it recognised this mob as independent country. Our gov did it because they are traitors of everything: our Czech nation as well as yours! They forgot Your brave nation 3x helped as in last century(WWI, WW2, 1968). They ignored all promises and broke international law. I proclaim you and WARN you: DON´T JOIN EUROPEAN UNION! We did it. Now it appears to be a GREAT MISTAKE to join EU, because this organisation is corrupt and criminal! They plan to create Orwellian totalitarianism! See current situation with Lisbon Treaty ratification and with Irish referendum? This Lisbon Treaty is the biggest deception and filfth in the history of European democracy (see Bilderberg Group, New World Order, Rothschilds, Freemasons etc.)! You must REALIZE EUROPEAN UNION IS THE COMMUNITY OF COUNTRIES OF MOST OF THEM DECEIVED YOU! THEY WANT TO ENSLAVE ALL EUROPEAN NATION AS WELL AS YOUR SERBIAN! DO NOT JOIN AND BECOME INDEPENDENT! I also recommend You to restore your traditional military and cultural alliance with Russia.

    (Jan Macháček, 1 September 2008 01:42)
  2. This statement would have had credibility if it had been made by the Russian Prime Minister. Pronounced by his Serbian counterpart, it amounts to wishful thinking...
    (Christian Andersen, 31 August 2008 15:54)