1. "Vučić: From March 1, the train will develop speed of 200 kilometers per hour"

    with that "Stadler Kiss" you can kiss my asset. But probably you should not, my interests are of a different kind (with all due respect to Brnabic and Roberto).

    From Wiki:


    1) Very nice trainset - but if you look at the implementation, these trainsets are not intent to cover long or middle distance!

    Vucic should be clear about it. The comfort level is good enough for max. one hour ride. Nowhere in the world this train is used for more, except maybe in Hungary where they cover a bit more than elsewhere.

    2) The maximum speed is 201 kmh, but the real average speeds are to be expected about 120 kmh. 200 kmh sounds nice - but it's just a propaganda. Of course, 100-120 kmh is nice as well, but be realistic.

    3) The new Stadler train is of course much better, than the "Elektrichka" from Riga made in 1970-s and still in use all over former Soviet Union, Crna Gora, Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria. But in 2021 that "Stadler Kiss" is about at the same level of comfort + development where the Soviet / Latvian "Elektrichka" ("Электричка") used to be in 1970 (age-adjusted, of course).
    (Ataman, 31 October 2021 16:14)

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