1. Yep, its Djokovicís fault that people are scared to share the hotel with tennis players, but what about the newly arrived and highly infectious UK strain in Brisbane? Did Djokovic bring that to Australia? I suppose Djokovic is to blame for the terrible numbers dying in the UK and the fact itís out of control there, and had nothing to do with Boris Johnsonís mismanagement of the pandemic.
    People are concerned about any new arrivals from overseas let alone large number of tennis players in one area. The only reason why consideration was given to cancelling the Australian Open was the possible spreading of the infection through large numbers of people gathering in one place. While numbers could be controlled inside it was the outside that was a concern. They were not sure how to manage this so it had nothing to do with Djokovic.
    The Times is another of Murdockís rags.
    (sj, 13 January 2021 00:30)

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