1. To demonstrate our relationship with Ukrainians.
    Few months ago I was on Ukrainian border.

    As usual, the control took like 3-4 minutes. It is still worse than Serbian / K-Albanian control when all I need is to keep my foot on the brake for a little bit. In Ukraina I have to switch the engine off.

    The lady who works at customs asked me one loaded question:

    "Are you married"?
    I told her honestly: "Not only that, I am over-booked".
    She told me sadly: "oh my, that's my bad luck"
    The border guards exploded in laugh.

    C'est la vie, guys.
    (Donkey Hoxha on ROSU Nanny, 29 November 2018 17:50)

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  2. Poroshenko is the owner of Ukrainian and Hungarian chocolate industry. Russian chocolate is maybe a tad better, but no one disputes, Poroshenko is the King of the Hill.

    I would love to see him happily retired and being busy doing what he can do the best. I wish that the tapestry of his entire house is made of $100 and EUR 500 bills.

    Just no politics, please.

    Ukraine taking on Belgium chocolate: 7/24, all my support!

    No support: stupid fire hydrant captcha of B92 and bugs freaking out my browser.
    (Honcho, 29 November 2018 17:25)

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  3. Poroshenko has lost the plot - Ukraine has no control over Turkey so how exactly does he think he can stop Russian access to the Bosphorous and Dardanelles ?

    The only thing they did show is how weak Ukraine under his authority has become.

    Sooner Serbs get gas via turkey stream the better.
    (Principa, Gracanica, kosovo & Metohija Srbija, 29 November 2018 17:23)

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